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Technology Transfer for Defense is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy


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H4D Publications


1. "The Iron Man Model: How Startups and the Military Can Work Together", Jeff Decker, Future, June 3, 2022

2. Why the Defense Industry Could Be the Most Transformative Market for Startups”, Jeff Decker and Mrinal Menon, Fast Company, May 14, 2021

3. “Three Tweaks to Foster Innovative Defense Products”, Jeff Decker, Defense One, April 13, 2021

4. “Bringing the Army to Innovation”, Jeff Decker and Mrinal Menon, War on the Rocks, December 24, 2020

5. “Renewing Defense Innovation: Five Incentives for Forming Pentagon-Startup Partnerships”, Jeff Decker, War on the Rocks, May 7, 2018