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Technology Transfer for Defense is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy

Development of Multi-functional Composite UAV Structures for Urban Operations

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PI: Fu-Kuo Chang

Department: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Sponsor: United States Navy (USN) ONR NEPTUNE Program

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) functions are critical for acquiring, processing, and, ultimately, executing military operations. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is accepted for its value in providing enhanced information for ISR functions. The Navy uses UAVs are in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult. UAVs can be used to conduct critical missions to overcome communications shortfalls; look inside buildings to ascertain occupancy and purpose; detect, identify, track, and target objects. However, the battery-powered UAVs instrumentation is often limited due to the weight of the battery. Moreover, UAVs drain the batteries faster, and an aging battery could restrict the flight capabilities, cause maneuverability problems, or increase the risk of collision.

H4D Focus Areas: Smart Materials, Autonomy, Technology Transition

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